Silver Filigree Skull Charms for Bracelet

Silver Filigree Skull Charms for Bracelet
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Skulls charms do not usually have a cute design. After all, most individuals that buy them are members of the metal or goth subculture. With that being said, many people nowadays are more open to sporting them. As a result, a ton of manufacturers are creating new pieces to meet demands. Most of which don’t look morbid but instead are quite cute.

The items seen here are made out of zinc alloy. Despite that, it seems like they were really created using silver. In that sense alone, you’ll already be getting a wonderful deal. However, things only get better as we are going to ship eight pieces for the price of one. Moreover, they also look great as the metalwork on them is quite intricate.

You can attach the charms to anything that fits through the holes seen on top of them. Even if they’re meant to be put on bracelets, they also look great on other things. Good examples of which include necklaces, anklets, and even earrings. As such, it’s rather safe to say that they are quite versatile. If anything, they’re perfect for anyone that loves personalizing their jewelry.

Keeping each product in excellent shape is not difficult. Simply store them in an airtight container where no moisture can come into contact with them. Now, it’s only natural that they will tarnish over time. When that occurs, don’t worry as soap and water or non-gel toothpaste is all that’s needed to clean them. One thing you must remember though is to dry them as once they’re finally spotless.

Now that all the cards are on the table, what’s keeping you? You can also give them away as a gift to someone else. As such do not hesitate to make the purchase as you’ll be getting a superb bargain!

Color Silver
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length 1.00 inch
Design and Style Cute skull bracelet charms that have an elaborate design


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