Silver Passport Charms for Bracelet

Silver Passport Charms for Bracelet
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If you love both traveling and collecting jewelry, then prepare to go insane with this Silver Passport Charms for Bracelet. Many women are buying this charm not only because it is unique, but it's also very shareable on social media. Seize the day when you travel and make sure to take a photo of your charm in every place you visit! Complete it with a compelling hashtag before you post it on IG or Twitter!

All eyes will be on you when you wear it as a charm for your bracelet or as a pendant for your necklace! After all, this charm is made of premium zinc alloy with antique silver finish. Our artistic craftsmen manually engraved each charm with their hands to create a miniature metal passport. Wearing this would symbolize your wanderlust spirit. It has a dimension of approximately 0.71 x 0.59 inch.

Cleaning this charm regularly will help in making it last a lifetime. We know that any accessory will accumulate dirt and residue over time. So, to get rid of any dirt, use regular dish soap and apply it on the charm. You can even brush it using a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove dirt easily. Do not wash it in running water. If you use dish soap, just leave it to air dry or pat it with a soft absorbent towel.

So, before you embark on a journey to your new destination, make sure that you complete your ensemble! Order the Silver Passport Charms for Bracelet today and embrace your free-spirited self as you traverse new destinations and explore new cultures, meet new people, and try new food! We guarantee you'll have an excellent time and this bracelet will help you cherish those memories by.

Color Silver
Materials Zinc Alloy with antique silver finish, Cubic Zirconia Crystal
Length 0.71 x 0.49 inch
Design and Style Silver passport charm, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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