Silver Plated Belt Design - Couple Bracelet

Silver Plated Belt Design - Couple Bracelet
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Fashion stylists from all over the world say that accessories can make or break an outfit. And for the trendy woman in you, wearing the wrong arm candy is simply not done. If you’re looking for classic timepieces that you can wear over and over again without the design going out of fashion, then this Belt Design - Couple Bracelet is the perfect accessory for you.

You’ll never go wrong with our chic Belt Design - Couple Bracelet that fits wrists measuring approximately 7” for women and 7.6” for men. Diameter is about 2.4” for her and 2.7” for him while width is 0.23” and 0.31” respectively. It’s made of non-tarnishing Titanium Steel, so you can rest assured knowing this bangle is a durable one that will last you many pairings with stylish outfits.

And, just in case you’re wondering, we’ve provided the dimensions for both men and women, which means this timeless piece can be worn as a couple bracelet. Yep, that’s right, this is the perfect accessory for couples who adore wearing matching OOTDs.

Mixing metals is all the rage these days so feel free to create your own arm party with our Belt Design - Couple Bracelet. Get one of each color and wear them all together, stacked in one wrist and voila! You’ve just pulled off a luxurious vibe that even Kylie Jenner will envy! Combine the rich, warm tones of yellow gold and rose gold with cool silver, add some texture and you’re all set to knock ‘em dead with your look!

Wearing multiple bracelets is a stylish statement and there’s no better way to achieve that than with our Belt Design - Couple Bracelet. Match it what you already have in your jewelry box or check your IG for more trendy tips. Don’t forget to check out your items before you go!

Color Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Silver Plated
Materials Titanium Steel
Length Hers:  7 inches; His: 7.6 inches 
Design and Style Belt Buckle Bangle Design


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