Silver Summer Fashion Bracelet

Silver Summer Fashion Bracelet
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The stars shine brightly in the summer because the vast heaven is usually clear, showing thousands upon thousands of bright, glittering stars. Can’t wait for the stars to show up and light up the sky? Wear this Silver Summer Fashion Bracelet to have a constant glimpse of these bright, heavenly bodies.

Made of 30% silver and copper-plated platinum, it’s a resplendent piece of jewelry that will keep its luster and shine for a long time. Because it’s nickel-free, your smooth delicate skin won’t be irritated. Perfect for girls, young ladies, and women who are young at heart, this bracelet will elevate your fashion sensibility.

If you’re one who appreciates excellent workmanship, then you’ll love the star-shaped charms and textured beads linked alternately to form a splendid chain bracelet. It has a length of seven inches, but don’t worry if you think this size doesn’t fit your wrist. It has an extended chain which is about two inches long.

It’s also easy to wear and take off since it has a lobster claw clasp. To open it, press the lever lightly with your thumbnail, hook the claw into any of the loops once you’ve found the perfect fit. To secure it, simply release the lever, and the clasp will naturally close. This reliable closure is strong, so you can count on it when it comes to keeping your bracelet secure on your wrist.

Silver dazzles best in the evening as stars shine brightly in the evening. Turn heads with this classy piece adorning your wrist. Glam up your little black dress with a touch of shimmer and glitter, and you will stand out in the crowd. You really don’t have to be a Hollywood personality to be called a star; elegance and class also make you a STAR in people’s eyes.

Looking radiantly beautiful is a choice. Will you take this beautiful piece or not? We hope you choose to be radiant with this Silver Summer Fashion Bracelet!

Color Silver
Materials 30% Silver, Copper-Plated Platinum
Length 7 inches + 1.57 inches (extender chain)
Design and Style Silver bracelet with stars and beads


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