Silver Teapot Charms for Bracelet

Silver Teapot Charms for Bracelet
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Bracelet charms tend to have meaningful designs. However, there are some exceptions to that rule. An example of which is this item. It stands out as a teapot which is certainly the last thing that a person would sport. Due to that, it’s ideal for anyone that wishes to make a statement. Furthermore, collectors are sure to like it as they’ll be getting ten pieces for the price of one.

While zinc alloy was used to create this product, it appears like it’s made out of real silver. At 0.5-inch long and 0.6-inch wide, the charm is rather small. Even so, others are sure to notice it as its appearance is quite unique. If anything, the oriental vibe that it has is arguably one of its main selling points.

Although the charm is small, it can be attached to most bracelets. To put it on, simply run the jewelry piece through the hole on the side. Once that’s done, tie or hook it into place. Make sure to double-check if it is properly connected as not doing so may result in you losing the item.

Keep the product in a cool and dry airtight container so that it won’t tarnish quickly. When it’s finally time to clean it, grab some non-gel toothpaste and brush it until all the dirt goes away. Alternatively, you can also use special cleaners or soap and water to get the job done. Following that, immediately get a piece of cloth to dry it after. Do not forget this step as rust may come about when it isn’t done.

Now that you know everything about the charm, what’s keeping you? Forget about your hesitations and grab a hold of it once you finally can. It’s guaranteed that you won’t have any regrets as you’ll be getting one of the best deals available!

Color Silver
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length 0.50 inch
Design and Style Silver teapot bracelet charms with an oriental design


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