Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet

Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet
  • Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet
  • Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet
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A milestone is an important and significant event in your life that you celebrate from an accomplishment. Just as adults have milestones in their lives, babies also celebrate exciting milestones in their lives. When your baby does a major milestone, then it is time to give her a gift for this achievement. Why not give her a new milestone by gifting her first-ever jewelry?

Feast your eyes on our Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet which is made from the highest-quality copper metal. Copper is an amazing metal because it is said to have notable benefits to our body. Some people say that it can help alleviate joint and bone disorders such as arthritis and rheumatism. While some people believe that it can assist in the improvement of blood circulation, mineral absorption, and the strengthening of the immune system.

Furthermore, our Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet has also been electroplated with a lovely gold color to produce a luxurious adornment for your baby’s wrist. This pretty piece of jewelry has a design of alternating four big gold beads and three small gold beads. The big bead has a diameter of 0.24 inches, while the small bead measures in at 0.20 inches in diameter.

Moreover, this Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet also has additional features such as a marvelous gold striped heart and a circular bell. This bell makes the cutest little sound every time your baby makes the slightest move. Additionally, this spectacular bracelet also has an adjustable enclosure that overlaps with each other, which means that this can fit any size of a baby’s precious wrist.

Record your baby’s priceless reaction when you put this charming Small Bangle Baby Gold Bracelet on her wrist! Begin her jewelry collection with this product.

Color Gold
Materials Copper
Length N/A
Design and Style An adjustable bangle bracelet made of copper metal and electroplated in gold color


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