Smooth Bangle Link Gold Baby Bracelet

Smooth Bangle Link Gold Baby Bracelet
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Isn’t your baby the cutest angel you’ve ever seen? The giggles, the smiles make your day and fill your heart with immense joy. We know that the happiness your little cherub brings is priceless, and giving your child the Smooth Bangle Link Gold Baby Bracelet is a way of making him or her extra special.

The Smooth Bangle Bracelet Link Baby Bracelet is suitable for baby girls and baby boys. It features a sturdy Figaro chain which is composed of flattened links. As you can see, the pattern is three short links followed by one long link. This type of link chain makes the bracelet gender-neutral. The centerpiece is a plain metal plate, making the baby bracelet exquisite.

Babies tend to shake their arms vigorously when they’re excited, so to make sure the bracelet stays in place; it’s designed with a sturdy lobster clasp. This type of clasp features a simple open and lock system. Well-made, the bracelet will not scratch, hurt, or irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. This is especially true because it’s made of gold-filled copper alloy. As such, it is hypoallergenic and lead-free.

Because it’s gold-filled, it has a layer of solid gold which makes it look the same as a piece made of high carat gold. It will surely last longer than any gold-plated piece of jewelry. With proper care, this bracelet will give your baby more sparkling smiles for a long time. Adequate care would include washing the piece quickly in lukewarm water and mild soap with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse and dry thoroughly. To prevent oxidation, which is often the cause of tarnish, keep it in an airtight container such as a ziplock.

Is your baby’s baptism around the corner? The Smooth Bangle Link Gold Baby Bracelet would make a great addition to your child’s ensemble on this special day.

Parents can’t wait to get a hold of this beautiful baby gift, so hurry and grab one now!

Color Gold
Materials Gold-filled Copper alloy
Length 4.5 inches
Design and Style Link chain baby bracelet with plate as a centerpiece

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