Superhero Wonder Woman Bracelet

Superhero Wonder Woman Bracelet
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Do you have what it takes to be a female superhero? Courage, strength, and beauty? If so, you deserve to wear this Superhero Wonder Woman Bracelet, a paracord bracelet made for women who love the outdoors!

Who wouldn’t recognize the emblem of Wonder Woman? The “W” sign is distinct and unique only to her. The epitome of every great woman, Wonder Woman is fearless and strong to face and fight with her formidable enemies and always comes out victorious. She never backs down, never retreats, and never gives up.

That’s what a great woman should be—tough to face all the challenges and weather all the storms of life with composure and grace. Celebrate your womanhood because of your extra-ordinary feats with the Superhero Wonder Woman Bracelet.

The bracelet, which is made of paracord, will help you overcome the possible obstacles out in the jungle or anywhere you want to have your outdoor adventure. If Wonder Woman has the Lasso of Truth, you, too, can make your own rope when you unweave the bracelet during emergency situations. Because out in the wild, anything could happen, this rope can save your life or somebody else’s.

It comes with a secure closure, a sturdy plastic side release buckle, that makes it easy to wear and remove. The stainless-steel centerpiece bears the oval glass emblem. It’s held in place with a paracord rope that’s braided into the bracelet, making the emblem safe and secure despite vigorous activity outdoors.

When the need arises, cut the bracelet from the buckle and unravel the ropes. You can use the ropes to replace your shoelaces. You can also use them to lash branches together to make a shelter. With a few ropes that come in handy, you’ll have a lot of tricks up your sleeve.

This bracelet is not only for outdoor adventures but is also a trendy, sporty accessory when you hang out around town. Available in 10 sizes, you’re in luck! Buy now!

Color Multi-Color
Materials Paracord, Plastic, Alloy, Glass
Length 6.30 inches, 6.70 inches, 7.08 inches, 7.48 inches, 7.87 inches, 8.27 inches, 8.66 inches, 9.05 inches, 9.45 inches, 9.84 inches
Design and Style Paracord bracelet with “Wonder Woman” emblem


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