Thin Red Thread Evil Eye Bracelet

Thin Red Thread Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Thin Red Thread Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Thin Red Thread Evil Eye Bracelet
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Wear an amulet in style with this Thin Red Thread Evil Eye Bracelet. With this accessory, nobody would notice that it's some sort of a talisman because of the charm it has.

The Thread Evil Eye Bracelet has a simple yet chic style and design. The chain is made from paracord, which means this intriguing accessory is built to last.

It also has a bolo clasp made from zinc alloy. This clasp is looped into the cord so that you can adjust the wrist circumference of the bracelet. That way, it doesn't fall off as you go about your activities.

As for the evil eye pendant, this one comes in blue color. It's the traditional color of this amulet which is known to protect the wearer from bad omens and attracts positive vibes for good karma. So, if you need that kind of protection, or you know someone who needs it, then this alluring rope bracelet is a perfect choice!

That's not the only purpose of this bracelet. It's an accessory, after all, so you can wear it to amp up your style. Put this around your wrist while wearing a loose top and skinny jeans. You can also enhance your Boho vibe when you wear this amulet bracelet. If you are going to the beach, you can wear it around your wrist to give your summer outfit an "oomph" factor. So, whatever style you are going for, this accessory will improve your overall look.

The Thin Thread Evil Eye Bracelet is available in two colors: fiery red and pitch black. Both shades add life to the accessory and complement the colors of most of your outfits. Hence, you can never go wrong with this bracelet.

Protect yourself - or your loved one - from bad omens in style! Buy this Thin Red Thread Evil Eye Bracelet now.

Color Black, Red
Materials Pendant/Beads: Evil Eye
Chain: Paracord
Length N/A
Design and Style Rope bracelet with an evil eye pendant and a bolo clasp for adjusting the wrist circumference


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