Tree of Life - Rubber Bracelet

Tree of Life -  Rubber Bracelet
  • Tree of Life -  Rubber Bracelet
  • Tree of Life -  Rubber Bracelet
  • Tree of Life -  Rubber Bracelet
  • Tree of Life -  Rubber Bracelet
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If you want an accessory that doesn't just look stylish but also has deep symbolical meaning, then this Tree of Life - Rubber Bracelet is what you're looking for.

The tree of life symbolizes immortality and eternity, knowledge and wisdom, strength and protection, abundance and growth, forgiveness and salvation - such beautiful and essential aspects of life. If you want these positive forces to influence your everyday life, wearing this Tree of Life - Rubber Bracelet around your wrist is a stylish way to do that. This dashing bracelet is made of silicone, a very skin-friendly material which will not cause any irritation. Its black, soft, and smooth texture, will feel very comfortable around your wrist.

The double safety clasp made of stainless steel are found on each end; this will help make the bracelet stay secure while wearing them. At the center, a plate made of stainless steel is attached, and on this plate, a design that looks like the tree of life is engraved, giving this bracelet a sophisticated and meaningful touch. And because it's made of stainless steel, you can rest assured that it does not tarnish, corrode or rust. This material is also dust-resistant.

If what we've said so far still aren't good enough, then it's worth mentioning that you can purchase this in three different tones, black, gold and silver. The bracelet's total length measures 8.27 inches long. You can never go wrong with wearing this bracelet together with your casual outfit, as it will pretty much look good with any. Just be mindful of the objects or materials your stainless steel piece gets contact with, this is to keep your accessory as good as new.

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Color Black, Gold / Silver / Black
Materials Silicone / Stainless Steel
Length 8.27 inches long
Design and Style Silicone band bracelet with the “tree of life” design at the center


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