Trendy Electrocardiogram Medical Bracelet

Trendy Electrocardiogram Medical Bracelet
  • Trendy Electrocardiogram Medical Bracelet
  • Trendy Electrocardiogram Medical Bracelet
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Whether you're canvassing for a modest yet a meaningful gift for a close friend or loved one, or you're simply a sucker for unique bracelets with ornaments in a heartbeat, then you've come to the right page. The Trendy Electrocardiogram Medical Bracelet is an ideal way to depict your forever-beating heart and affection towards your significant other! After all, don't they say, "Love will keep us alive?"

In this age where people have more freedom to express their thoughts and feelings, a trendy accessory is a perfect way to immortalize these expressions. This simple and elegant cuff bracelet has an approximate length of 7.87 inches. The bracelet's chain is also available in two distinct color variants to choose from (Gold and Silver). High-quality zinc alloy was used as a primary material in manufacturing this accessory, which is medically safe to wear. Furthermore, this alloy doesn't contain nickel or lead, which means this accessory is non-toxic and 100% hypoallergenic.

Like most valuable metals, this bracelet can rust and fade. This is especially true when we factor in fluctuating temperature, metal content, high humidity, and material; this can either take after a few weeks or as fast as several days. To prevent this, wipe this bracelet with a lemon or vinegar. Then, put in a dry, airtight container. Applying a thin coat of clear nail polish will also help a lot. Keep it away from high-humidity areas or put a sachet of silica gel in the container to help absorb any lingering moisture.

Finally, it's about time to show your hidden style and surprise your family members and close friends if you haven't already. Also, put on a matching necklace to complete your look. Last but not least, bring out the Trendy Electrocardiogram Medical Bracelet and show it off to everyone! Order now!

Color Gold, Silver
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length 7.87 inches
Design and Style 1-piece electro diagram bracelet, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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