Viking Knots Bead Paracord Bracelet

Viking Knots Bead Paracord Bracelet
  • Viking Knots Bead Paracord Bracelet
  • Viking Knots Bead Paracord Bracelet
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Each one of us is a warrior in our own way, so why not bring out the fighter in you by wearing this Viking Knots Bead Paracord Bracelet around your wrist!

Viking knots aren't just pretty and captivating, but they also stand for something. This art symbolizes insight, wisdom, intellect, and bravery, all of which are positive traits you'd like to resonate in your personality. This spunky bracelet is made of black paracord.

Paracord, also known as "parachute cord" is a material made of lightweight nylon rope, this was initially used in the suspension lines of parachutes, so you can just imagine how strong and durable this material can be. The cords were knotted at the center for an added style. To complete the look, a zinc alloy bead with a silver-tone is attached to the center. On this bead, a Viking knot is engraved.

This charm looks very vintage, which makes the bracelet look more stylish; it will certainly look good with any shirt or top you'll wear it with. And because the length can be easily adjusted, it can be worn by a male of a female. Show off your bravery and valor in a stylish way by wearing this with you anywhere you go. It's simple and light, hence, will certainly not get in the way of your everyday tasks.

Black cords with silver charms are in the trend for quite some time now, because it has a touch of elegance amidst its simplicity. Additionally, because of this bracelet's versatility, you can give this as a gift to almost anybody. This will make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Strength and bravery can be expressed in stylish ways too! Hurry up and add this to your cart now!

Color Black and Silver
Materials Paracord / Zinc alloy
Length 5.91 inches to 8.66 inches
Design and Style Paracord bracelet with zinc alloy bead engraved with Viking symbol


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