Viking Sword Men's Bracelet

Viking Sword Men's Bracelet
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If you are fond of Norse Vikings, then this Viking Sword Bracelet will make your day. You can finally live out your fantasy of pillaging villages or embarking on a quest to save some damsels in distress. If you're up to no good, then sorry to break it to you because this bracelet is made for a Viking with a conscience.

Its sword charm is the highlight of this bracelet. It is intricately carved by professional artisans using their expertise in jewelry-making. As it is made of zinc alloy, it is lightweight and non-toxic. It's plated with Tibetan Silver that won't tarnish in just a few wears. The wooden cubes and beads are oddly sized to give a rustic look. They are all strung together to complete the Nordic vibe. A sturdy brown leather band serves as the bracelet's base that looks very contemporary and high-fashion. So, if you're going for a Bohemian look, urban style, or punk, this bracelet won't let you down.

Just like any accessory, the bracelet will collect dirt and residue over time. So, make sure to clean this bracelet regularly. Simply use a lint-free cloth to remove accumulated dust on the charm and other accents. Wipe the leather with cotton or a piece of cloth. On the other hand, use a special leather cleaner to clean the bracelet. Do not rinse it with water to avoid damaging the accessory. Always store in an air-tight container away from high humidity and fluctuating temperature.

Level up your Viking adventure when you buy this bracelet. Match it together with an intimidating metal hat and send chills down the spine of your rivals! Of course, we're kidding! But seriously, your imagination is the limit! Order now and enjoy as much as you like!

Color Silver and Brown
Materials Zinc Alloy and Leather
Length 2.36 inches (Diameter)
Design and Style 1 piece Viking-inspired leather  bracelet with a sword charm


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