Vintage Cross - Cross Bracelet

Vintage Cross - Cross Bracelet
  • Vintage Cross - Cross Bracelet
  • Vintage Cross - Cross Bracelet
  • Vintage Cross - Cross Bracelet
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Religious accessories are starting to get on the trend nowadays. You can see them everywhere. Gone are the days when only the religious hierarchy could wear their faith. Our Vintage Cross - Cross Bracelet is a beautiful and nostalgic piece of jewelry that you’d be proud to boast around. Those who may get a glance of it might one as well.

Who says religion themes can’t be fashionable? This product will change your mind otherwise. The base strap starts with a high-quality grade artificial leather. As you may have already known, leather is a well-known material that gets even better as it gets weathered with age. It comes in a natural brown and elegant black colors, so you have a choice between the two.

To add structure, stability, and style, the entire accessory is wrapped with a rope material. This keeps your bracelet durable and adds to the physical appearance, making it look more appealing to the eye.

Front and center is the cross charm made from alloy. Etched into it is the Oratio Dominica, better known as the Lord’s Prayer. Every single word is carefully engraved into that metal element. It’s also available in two languages: English and Spanish.

This wrist accessory can be attached to your wrist quickly and easily using the lace-up “clasp”. The Vintage Cross - Cross Bracelet measures 7.48 inches. This can easily be modified by using the laces to tighten or loosen the jewelry for a perfect fit. It can go up to an additional 3.15 inches, so it can fit most wrists.

Look no further. This spiritual masterpiece is perfect for your everyday outfits or when you need something to balance out a formal attire. You can be trendy while expressing your love for your faith at the same time.
Color Brown, Black
Materials Pendant: Alloy
Strap: Artificial Leather
Length 7.48 in. - 10.63 in.
Design and Style Leather bracelet with rope detailing. Alloy cross charm with the Lord’s Prayer etched in


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