Vintage Knot Bangle Bracelet

Vintage Knot Bangle Bracelet
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If you like getting attention in the right way, then check out the beautiful Vintage Knot Bangle Bracelet. This set of golden bracelets will make you look more sophisticated than you already are. Wearing one would catch the eyes of whoever sees you and you'll surely be the talk of the town. Just make sure you prepare a camera phone because you'll be up for endless photo opportunities with your new-found friends.

The Vintage Knot Bangle Bracelet set comes with two separate bracelets of different designs. First, is cuff with an arrow end and tail on opposite tips. Second, is a golden cuff with a knot in the middle. Both bracelets are made of gold-plated zinc alloy, which is very lightweight at 11.6 grams. Each bracelet is free-size and highly adjustable. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which makes them medically safe to wear.

Just like any accessory, this golden bracelet set will eventually collect dirt and residue over time. So, ensure that you clean this bracelet frequently. You can apply lemon or vinegar to clean the bracelet. Brush it with an old toothbrush with soft bristles and wipe the bracelet with cotton or a piece of cloth afterward. You can also apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to protect it from rusting and fading. Avoid rinsing it with water to avoid damaging the accessory. Always store in an air-tight container away from fluctuating temperature and high humidity.

Finally, to attract attention the right way, always put your best foot forward. Also, remember that success and fame don't happen overnight, and you only reap what you sow. Unless, of course, if you buy this Vintage Knot Bangle Bracelet set, you'll genuinely look sexy, smart, and sophisticated instantly! Add this to your cart today and click the buy button.

Color Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length Free-size
Design and Style 2-piece cuff bracelet, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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