Vintage Steampunk Sister Bracelet

Vintage Steampunk Sister Bracelet
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Show how much you love your sister by giving her this Vintage Steampunk Sister Bracelet! It's the perfect way to express your unconditional love for your sibling.

The Steampunk Sister Bracelet has a simple yet elegant design. Its chain is made of leather and has an alloy lobster clasp. Meanwhile, the round pendant is made from alloy and glass that has a saying, "Side by side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by the heart," engraved on it. For this reason, it's the perfect send-off gift to your loving sister who's going to live or work in another country or state.

However, this charming bracelet is not just for sisters by blood. You can also give it to your friend whom you consider as family. We guarantee you; she would love your gift!

Our Vintage Sister Bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear to spice up any casual style. Wear it with a loose shirt and ripped shorts or jeans to complete that rebel but sweet vibes.

This trinket is also a great addition to pull off a dainty dress-up look. Whatever clothes your sister is going for, this bracelet will amp up her look!

Caring for this steampunk bracelet is easy. It doesn't require new skills or any polishing products to clean it. All it needs is a damp cloth washed in a mild hand soap.

Wipe the sodden fabric all over the piece, followed by the dry one to prevent the leather from absorbing the excessive moisture. Once done, place it in a compartmentalized jewelry box to preserve its impeccable charm.

So, why give your sister a gift that she can only display when you can buy her this bracelet instead? We guarantee you, your sister will love this Vintage Steampunk Sister Bracelet!

Color Brown
Materials Pendant/Beads: Alloy, Glass
Chain: Leather
Length 7.09-9.06 inches
Design and Style Leather bracelet with a pendant made from alloy and glass and engraved with "Side by side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by the heart"


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