White Jade Bracelet

White Jade Bracelet
  • White Jade Bracelet
  • White Jade Bracelet
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Looking for ways to protect yourself from negative energy while you’re out and about? Check out this beautiful White Jade Bracelet, the perfect addition to your treasure chest of accessories. Nephrite Jade, the gemstone that this bracelet is composed of, has been known to bring luck, harmony, and peace to its wearer. It’s also fantastic for blocking distractions so you’re able to make wise decisions with a clear mind. Just imagine the results that you’ll achieve with this arm candy around!

White is a color that goes extremely well with everything, so wearing this positive energy-inducing White Jade Bracelet should make dressing up such a breeze. The stones come in four different diameters – 0.15, 0.23, 0.31 and 0.39 inch. A word to the wise, however: Because the stones used to make this bracelet are sourced naturally, please expect minor variations in their sizes and colors. These variations make every White Jade Bracelet in our store rather unique, don’t you think?

According to the beliefs of Daoism, the root of Chinese medicine, White Jade is directly related to the lung meridian, so if you have been dealing with asthma, all sorts of allergies or have trouble breathing, then it might help if you wear this White Jade Bracelet as often as you can. Layer it with your favorite gold bangle or perhaps a chic watch and you’ll look as effortlessly elegant and chic as you feel.

You can also wear this White Jade Bracelet along with your regular jade bangle. Get a spacer to wear between the two or wear them on each wrist, you simply can’t go wrong with this beauty! It’s great as a summer accessory or when you travel to protect you from negative energy. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, keep it on while you sleep to bring contentment and joy back into your universe. Tap the cart button now!

Color White
Materials White Jade
Length 15.75 inches
Design and Style Beaded bracelet featuring White Jade stones


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