Wolf Head Bangle Bracelet

Wolf Head Bangle Bracelet
  • Wolf Head Bangle Bracelet
  • Wolf Head Bangle Bracelet
  • Wolf Head Bangle Bracelet
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Set yourself apart from the rest and turn heads with this Wolf Head Bangle Bracelet.

Chunky and solid, this Viking bracelet is rich with intricate details and with two wolf heads facing each other. The bracelet seems to simulate intertwining coils of rope while the wolf heads are inscribed with patterns particular to Viking form of art. Instead of a mirror-shine finish, the artisan gave it an antique look for more dramatic depth.

From the 8th to 11th century, the word "Viking" was enough to make people shiver with fear. These seafaring warriors were tall, strong, and dauntless. Their aura of invincibility was amplified by their battle armor and ships which were adorned with Norse art and motifs.

Inspired by a mythical Viking wolf called Fenrir, the wolf heads make this cuff bracelet one of its kind. One of the fiercest monsters in Norse mythology, Fenrir the big bad wolf, is symbolic to being able to rise above one’s troubles or of having successfully broken free from an abusive relationship. Masculine and fearless, these heads of Fenrir make this bracelet a badass gift for a guy who never calls it quits.

If a silver antique is not your thing, you can opt for its gold color variant. It’s equally stunning, and it still has that antique quality for a more masculine effect. It has a diameter of 2.55 inches and a total length of 7.87 inches. Being a cuff bracelet, it’s adjustable and will fit perfectly. Simply slide your hand through, and it will snugly sit around your wrist. You can also wear it as a stylish armband when you want to flaunt your upper body.

Exquisitely made for a man like you, this cuff bracelet is set to enhance your manly qualities. Get that invincible look with this Wolf Head Bangle Bracelet now!

Color Silver, Gold
Materials Iron
Length 7.87 inches
Design and Style Unisex cuff bracelet with two wolf heads facing each other


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