Yellow Jade Bracelet

Yellow Jade Bracelet
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Are you a fan of DIY accessories? This Yellow Jade Bracelet will help you enhance your crafting skills and let you create your own bracelet you can brag about with your friends.

No matter how simple an object is, it becomes extra-special if you make it or create it by yourself. One way of expressing your creativity is by designing accessories you can wear or give out to your friends. Just like this Yellow Jade Bracelet, you'll surely have a pretty bracelet that will fit your wrist perfectly.

In ancient China, yellow jade symbolizes wealth, good fortune, friendship, and loyalty, making this a perfect material for accessories. Wearing this constantly on your wrists will help you attract these positive energies. You can even share this aura by making bracelets for your friends, too.

This Yellow Jade Bracelet comes in three bead sizes. If you prefer small beads which measure 0.24 inch in diameter, you will receive 65 pieces of beads. On the other hand, if you opt for the medium-sized beads which measure 0.31 inch in diameter, you will be receiving 46 pieces of these. And, if you like large beads that measure 0.39 inch in diameter, you will receive 38 pieces. You can also get extra creative, and buy two or more sizes of beads, mix and match them in making a bracelet or perhaps a necklace.

Bringing out your creative side can also be stress-relieving, it can take your mind off things that bother you and help you get a clearer mind as well. And, the fact that you're dealing with yellow jade which is considered to promote emotional stability, balance, luck, and wisdom, even makes things a lot better.

Whether for yourself or for a friend, making an accessory by yourself adds more value to it that money cannot buy! Hurry and add this to your cart now!

Color Yellow
Materials Jade
Length 15.75 inches
Design and Style Round yellow jade beads for making bracelets


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