Zirconia Baby Gold Bracelet

Zirconia Baby Gold Bracelet
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Having a child is one of the most rewarding people in a married woman’s life. The moment you see your newborn princess, you'll start to think of the things you have in store for her. The desire to gift her the sun, the moon, the stars and rainbows is understandable. But why don't you start with a simple gold bracelet?

We introduce you to our Zirconia Baby Gold Bracelet, which is made from the finest-quality copper metal. This material is a strong metal that can be used as a substitute for genuine gold but without the high price. Aside from its affordability, it is also a metal that has some notable health benefits according to some people. Some people say that it helps in the boosting of our body’s blood circulation and in assisting in the improvement of bone ailments.

In addition, this Zirconia Baby Gold Bracelet has been electroplated with lavish gold color to produce a costly-looking bracelet. Adding to the classiness of the bracelet is the Cubic Zirconia crystals present in the charms of the piece. Cubic Zirconia is a crystal commonly used in making costume jewelry, that looks like real diamonds themselves. This bracelet has a design of a teardrop-shaped center with a clear oval crystal. As for the ring that is connected to the center via the gold chain, it also has a teardrop-shaped focal piece with a red oval-shaped center.

Furthermore, this Zirconia Baby Gold Bracelet is fully-adjustable with its intersecting locks at both ends to fit any child’s wrist size. It also has two round bells that jingle-jangle whenever your daughter makes a move that will bring an element of surprise to her eyes.

Begin your daughter’s jewelry stash with our Zirconia Baby Gold Bracelet today!

Color Gold, Red, Clear
Materials Copper, Cubic Zirconia
Length N/A
Design and Style An adjustable kid’s bracelet that is made from copper metal and plated with gold

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